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Israel Threatens African Migrants with Imprisonment, Deportation


African asylum seekers, mostly from Eritrea, take part in a protest against Israel’s deportation policy last year

The government of Israel recently issued an order, asking African migrants, refugees, to leave the country within a few months or face deportation.

That’s according to many news organizations, including the U.K. Independent which writes that the Israeli government has characterized the migrants as “infiltrators” who threaten the very nature and character of the Israeli nation.

Considered the Holy Land, the place of the birth of Jesus Christ, Israel is thought of as that place where the poor and dejected can go and seek solace in times of need.

The Times of Israel reports that some in the Jewish community in Israel are pushing back against their own government after such a harsh decision.

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Italy and France Spar over Migration from Africa

BBC News

Where is the CFA is used

After Italy accused the government of French president Emmanuel Macron of its exploitation of African nations which Italy said was the reason many African migrants are pouring into Europe, the French reacted quickly and angrily.

It is reported by many news outlets that France called in Italy’s ambassador for questioning on January 22 following the negative remarks made by Italians leaders.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Italian Deputy Prime Minister, Liugi Di Maoi accused the French government of manipulating the currencies of its former colonies in Africa to the benefit of France and to the detriment of those countries.

A deeper analysis by U.S. News and World report states that the contention between the two European Union (EU) nations goes beyond the issue of migration from Africa into Europe.

Luke Baker of U.S. News and World Report writes:

“The rise in tension shows how divisive the May 23-26 election is set to be, and hints at shifts in Europe’s political landscape that resemble populism in the United States, with fringe parties looking to overturn centrists like Macron.”

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