A headline story from Media Matters for America about Fox News’ coverage of the coronavirus pandemic compared with coverage of the Ebola epidemic in 2014

Fox News has been misinforming the American public for decades. The U.S. TV audience is very much vulnerable and susceptible to the lies which Fox News puts out. Which is why Fox remains a ratings bonanza. Their hypocrisy on the coverage of the coronavirus pandemic compared to the coverage of the Ebola epidemic is mind bugling.

Even more, misinformation from FOX News about the impact of the virus contributed in making things worse. If you have not noticed, one of the anchors on the Fox News channel, Trish Regan, was recently put on the bench because she misinformed the public about what was taking place regarding the coronavirus. This is the truth!

Plenty of organizations have spent time looking at how the coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 is being reported and there is plenty of blame going around.

Media Matters for America, for example, places blame for the lax response which came from Trump administration concerning the spread of virus to misinformation that Fox News provided the public. The organization says,“Fox News’ terrible coronavirus coverage put its viewers and the public at risk.”

Ofcourse — Media Matters for America seems like they are in constant warfare with the Fox News organization.

On Fox News’ coverage of the coronavirus pandemic compared with coverage of the 2014 Ebola epidemic, they say “Fox News figures pushed hard on the idea that President Barack Obama’s administration was inept at responding to a potential pandemic.” And then Media Matters provide what it says is the evidence of these actions, a video narrative, with footage they gathered showing anchors from the Fox News channel pushing the Obama administration hard about their handling of Ebola in 2014.

While Media Matters for America is evidently a liberal or left-leaning non-profit entity, Fox News on the other hand is also evidently conservative, with a right-leaning journalistic bent.

Meanwhile there are plenty of others, neither left-leaning or right-leaning, at least in my opinion, and who appear non-partisan in the approach to coverage, all of whom have condemned the kind of coverage that Fox News provided when the pandemic began to gain a foothold in the United States.


Clippings from the internet showing how news organizations’ reporting about Fox News and its coverage of the coronavirus.